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Sickness Benefits

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Those who belong to the fund and enjoy sick pay rights according to article 2.2.1 in the BSRB agreement on sick pay rights are entitled to receive sickness benefits or support from the fund on condition that it has been paid to the fund on their behalf for the minimum of six months prior to allocation.


  1. Sickness benefits are paid from the fund as follows:
    1. Sickness benefits are paid as of the time that contract-/statutory payment of wages from the employer ends.
    2. Sickness benefits shall amount to 80% of the average total salary during the last 12 months. If the employment period is shorter the amount shall be determined by the average salary during that time.
    3. It is permitted to pay sickness benefits proportionally if a fund member cannot in case of illness work full time upon doctor’s advice.
    4. It is permitted to pay sickness benefits for up to 60 days in case of chronic illness of the fund member’s partner or children on the condition that he loses wages on account of them. The fund member shall nevertheless have reached one year of membership in order to qualify for this entitlement.


  1. The fund members’ right to sickness benefits on a 12- month basis is:
    1. Employment period 6 to 12 months, 45 days.
    2. Employment period longer than 12 months, 90 days, however such that the total period of payment from the employer and the fund will never be longer than 360 days. If the period of payment from the employer alone reaches 360 days a payment of 45 days is also available.


Payment of sickness benefits cannot exceed the period during which the employee is hired.

When applying for sickness benefits you have to turn in the following paperwork:

  • Application form (English version here)
  • Employer's certificate-form (Icelandic version here)
  • Copy of the last 12 paychecks
  • Tax-card